What to do after studying economics at Bocconi and Cattolica?

If you decided to study economics at Bocconi or Cattolica, then you surely know (or have been told) about the excellent job prospects these universities offer their (new) graduates.

But you may be wondering: what do (recent) graduates of these universities do? And how much can I expect to earn?

One year after graduation, 79.2 percent of Bocconi graduates and 62.5 percent of Cattolica Business Administration graduates are employed. It is impressive how quickly Bocconi Business University graduates find jobs: only 1.5 months after graduation!

As for the average salary of recent graduates, Bocconi and Cattolica are respectively first and third at the Italian level with an average annual salary of about 35,000 and 32,000 euros, respectively (corresponding to about 2,000 and 1,900€ per month, respectively, for 12 monthly payments).

But how do these universities achieve such high levels of employment? Both universities have career counseling services for students, helping students to choose their careers and preparing job “applications” (e.g., Curriculum Vitae, cover letters, etc.). In addition, these universities have a very rich partner network both in Italy and abroad, built thanks to the quality of education they offer.

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